Books & Research Materials

Books & Research

The following books are available for purchase from the Hollis Historical Society:

Hollis Family Album
By Joan Child Tinklepaugh
619 pages
Penobscot Press
The Folk Tales and Family Trees of the First Settlers of Hollis, NH 1730-1950
Proceeds benefit the Hollis Historical Society
Books are for sale at the Wheeler House, Town Clerk’s office and the Hollis Social Library.
To order by mail, please send check or money order payable to Hollis Historical Society, PO Box 754, Hollis, NH 03049

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AcknowledgementsThe first familiesAbout family dataSymbolsThe Powers Family
The Flagg FamilyThe Farley FamilyThe Proctor FamilyThe Colburn FamilyThe Wheeler Family
The Blood FamilyThe Nevins FamilyThe Ames FamilyThe Wright FamilyThe Cumings Family
The Patch FamilyThe Emerson FamilyThe Lovejoy FamilyThe Worcester FamilyThe Tenney Family
The French FamilyThe Austin/Abbott FamiliesThe Jewett FamilyThe Pool FamilyThe Hardy Family
The Hale FamilyThe Hayden FamilyThe Eastman FamilyThe Burge FamilyThe Rideout Family
The Spaulding Family

References and Bibliography


History of Hollis New Hampshire
1730 – 1879
By Samuel T. Worcester 

Where the Past Has Been Preserved
Hollis, New Hampshire 1879 – 1979

Peter Powers Pioneer
by Rudge Nichols and Caroline Pool
The Story of the First Settler in Hollis, New Hampshire
By Rudge Nichols and Caroline N. Poole
132 pages
First Printing 1930, on the occasion of the two hundredth anniversary of the settling of Hollis
One thousand copies printed in 1989-90
Puritan Press


LittletonSnowshoe ScoutsOld Dunstable
A Cabin in NissitissetChapter Five, In Which Anna Powers takes a RideOld Tusky
The West ParishTax CollectorThe Meeting-House
Captain Powers, GentlemanA Family AffairMore Land
CoosCrown Point


Inventory of the Estate of Captain Peter Powers
Recorded Deeds of Land Sold by Peter Powers
Blanchard’s Map


Proceeds benefit the Hollis Social Library
Books are for sale at the Wheeler House, Town Clerk’s office and the Hollis Social Library.
To order by mail, please send check or money order payable to Hollis Historical Society, PO Box 754, Hollis, NH 03049

Charles S. Spaulding”s “An Account of Early Settlers of Dunstable, Monson, Hollis”

An accumulation of data and other details about the early pioneers by Charles S. Spaulding over many years, the book was originally published in 1915 shortly after the death of Mr. Spaulding who had life-long ties to Hollis and was known for his stories of the early settlers.

Mr. Spaulding’s work covers over eighty settlers of the area which constituted the Dunstable Territory. This includes both first, second and sometimes third generation families and fits in with the present interest in Monson because of its focus on Monson families.

Families included:


Hardcover book of about 250 pages. $35.00.

All our books are available by mail. Please include $4.00 per title shipping & handling. Make check out to Hollis Historical Society. P.O. Box 754 Hollis, NH 03049.

The following primary resource materials are available for research at the Wheeler House:

Bookcase 1

North Cemetery and Pine Hill Volume IV
East Cemetery Volume III
South Cemetery and Lawrence Cemetery Volume II
Churchyard Cemetery Volume I

Hollis Churchyard Cemetery (Book 1)
By Harold E. Hardy
Description from Hollis Cemeteries 1743 – 1941
Collected and compiled by Mrs. Charles M. Duren and Mrs. Harry Archambault.
Compiled by Eleanor Gavazzi from records obtained at the New Hampshire
Historical Society in Concord, NH

List of Hollis Graves
Used by Florence Brown for the D.A.R.

A Look at Some of the Hollis Farmlands 1998

Hollis Births and Marriages 1730 – 1900
Compiled by Joan Tinklepaugh

Project on farms of the 50’s from Old Home Day 1998

Progression of Ownership of Hollis Farms

1892 Hollis Farms

Photocopy of articles by Abbie C. Burge, “Hollis, an Agricultural Town” which
appeared in the Granite Monthly Magazine May 1898

Collection of Kit Hardy’s Newspaper articles published in the Nashua Telegraph
during her years as a reporter 1959-1980.

Book of the Hollis Historical Society Minutes 11/78 – 5/92 from Kit Hardy

Copy of Kit Hard’s obituary

Photos of Kit Hardy’s Home

Bookcase 2

Hollis census 1790 – 1850

History of Hollis 1730 – 1879
By ST Worcester (2 volumes)

Where the Past has been Preserved 1879 – 1979

Hollis Family Album 1730 – 1950
By Joan Tinklepaugh

War of the Rebellion, Soldiers of Hollis

D.A.R. History of Hollis Homes Volume 1 (Numbers 1-164) plus article “Along one of the Main Roads of Hollis”

D.A.R. History of Hollis Homes Volume 2 (Numbers 175-353) plus articles on The Old City by Bertha Hayden and Abby Flagg.

D.A.R. Homes – 4 photo albums of Hollis homes (Numbers 1-353A) plus 1 photo
album of unidentified Hollis homes

Index to the Worcester Town History of Hollis

Hollis, NH Today: Along the Line of the Proposed Electric Railroad

Folder of Maps of Monson and Hollis, NH 1858

Binder of records and historical information Town of Monson 1746-1770
Compiled by Russ Dishorman

Booklet: History of the Congregational Meeting House

Booklet: Happy Hollis Homes

Early Settlers of West Dunstable, Monson, Hollis, NH 1915
By Spaulding

Peter Powers Pioneer Nichols Poole

D.A.R. Directory Homes of Hollis

Hollis Buildings – Moved or Lost

Historic Hollis Fireplaces Book 1 and Book 2

Eastman Postcard Collection

Postcard Album

Collection of Frank Watson photographs

Hollis Scenes (2 volumes)

Photograph album of people and places in Hollis (undated)

Hollis Schools 1750 to 1905
By Joan Tinklepaugh

Schools: Photograph Album of Class Pictures

Photocopy of the record of the Town of Monson, NH

George Manning Bookcase

American Genealogical Research at the D.A.R.
By Eric G. Grunset & Steven B. Rhodes

Wheeler House Activity Albums (Books 1-3)

History of the Hollis Fire Department (Books 1-3)

Photographic Documentation of the Town of Hollis 1979 Volumes 1-2 Photographed and presented by John P. Babcock

Scrapbook: Hollis News July 1904 to December 23, 1910.

2 Photo Albums by M.A. Eastman

Upstairs File

History of the Hollis Women’s Club 1906-1992
By Joan Tinklepaugh