New Help for Genealogists

Hollis Historical Society
Aid for Genealogists

HHS Historian Joan Tinklepaugh has assembled some of her research from various sources  into a package of lists of Hollis births and marriages, arranged alphabetically by husband’s last name. Included are Hollis Marriages before 1800 and from 1800 to 1900.   Births before 1750, Births from 1750 to 1775; Births from 1775 to 1800; Births from 1800 to 1825;  Births from 1825 to 1850 and Births from 1850 to 1900. 

The data  is available for research at the Historical Society’s Wheeler House or by mail by sending a request and check for $20. to the Hollis Historical Society, P.O. Box 754, Hollis, NH 03049.  The lists cannot be separated.