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Top 4 Ecommerce Categories That Are Trending In 2016

Trends are always changing in e-commerce categories. Unless you choose a niche that is in demand, you have to struggle to market your e-commerce websites. When you already know what the consumers are actively looking for, you can quickly create e-commerce websites that satisfy the needs of your audience. One of the major concerns for online entrepreneurs is to find a profitable niche. By understanding the latest trends in the eCom Success Academy world, you can easily choose a niche that is in high demand.

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Baby care products

Baby products have emerged as one of the top e-commerce categories with sales of more than $44 billion in 2015 alone. New age parents have access to international brands and products at their fingertips. With the availability of smartphones and tablets that are always on, parents simply have to swipe a few times to purchase products for their babies. This allows parents to have more time to spend with their children instead of traveling to buy essential items. E-commerce websites that grow with the consumer are expected to achieve maximum growth in the baby products niche.

Handmade crafts and products from eCom Success Academy School

International brands and specialty items are now readily available online, and shoppers still crave for the touch of uniqueness in their products. There is an increasing demand for handmade crafts and products in the year 2016. Which is why Adrian Morrison’s eCom Success Academy School is the best place to learn how to setup your own e-commerce store the right way from the start.┬áThis is only reflected by the popularity of Etsy that allows customers to enjoy an entirely new level of customization and personalization. Amazon too has introduced Amazon Handmade to enable craft workers to reach a wider audience.

Pet care products

Pets are always an integral part of the family. New age families spend more time outdoors, and they want to pamper and spoil their pets whenever they can. The pet care industry generated more than $60 billion dollar revenue in 2015, bringing $2 billion more compared to 2014. Pet owners can afford specialty pet products, and the pet grooming industry is improving significantly. Luxury pet products and organic food continue to receive a lot of attention in recent times.

Specialty and health food products

With more spending power, people are interested in purchasing health foods and specialty foods. E-commerce websites that sell organic, gluten-free, vegan, paleo and other health products focus only on a small percentage of the audience. However, the demands of this little group of consumers are so high, and such e-commerce websites can enjoy massive sales even with low traffic.

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